Monday, August 5, 2013

We're Back from Zambia

We're back from Zambia and obviously didn't get to blog once!  I will attempt to now catch up from beginning to now as we gather everyone's pictures. Between limitations with technology, time (Grammy babysat from Monday to Friday the 1st week) and activities, it just didn't happen and I'm sorry.

This was a difficult trip but every bit as exciting as previous trips. I hope the Loucks consider it a great trip in spite of a few hairy flights and their kids adjusting to new situations!  When traveling to Zambia, you fly 2 full nights with about a 10 hour layover in London. We spent some of that time in a day room where there could be showers and naps (thank goodness!). Coming home are day flights with a over night layover in London. Let me just say we love The Sofitel at Heathrow Terminal 5!  We arrived home late Sunday afternoon and getting through customs and such never went smoother. That was a huge blessing to end the trip that way.

I'll begin gathering snaps now and continue with posts regularly.

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