Friday, August 9, 2013

AmCom - Taylor & Amanda's Compound

Taylor, Amanda & Lilly live in what is known by Family Legacy as AmCom (American Compound) I think! They have done so many fun things to their home that we jokingly say it's their own "Americana".  They've added a concrete sandbox and white Pickett fence. Perfect for Miss Lilly to be able to play outside.  The kids had a ball once the sand was delivered and the gate was secure keeping the neighborhood lab, Dallas, out of the yard.  They also have a neighborhood garden that they hope to start seeing some vegetables. There are 5 homes - The Hughey family (4 kids), the girls' house, the guys' house, the Roberts house (1 4yr. old) and then Taylor & Amanda's house.  In these pictures the kids are helping Oscar wash Amanda's car. Yes she has her own car and handles that whole thing quite well.

Taylor & Amanda's house
The front of their home
and their driveway

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Tree of Life Tour

Each week the American Ambassadors are given a tour of the Tree of Life.  This is where the children that were once living in the worst of circumstances are brought to live.  When one does CampLIFE, they become an advocate for the children in their group.  Through "Blessing Time" with each child, an Ambassador learns about a child's life.  If they feel the child is in serious need of assistance, they will turn that information into the proper authorities.  Those are the children that now living at the Tree of Life.  But for the other children, all are in great need of assistance so the Ambassador comes home and attempts to have those children sponsored.  It is important for the Ambassadors to understand the process and see the amazing recovery these children make by living at the Tree of Life.  They attend school and church at the Tree of Life also.  It is their new community.

We had the privilege of having Taylor lead this tour.  He was really good at it!!  Also each time their is a tour, the children there sing for us and them they take the Ambassadors to their homes to show us around. There are now approximately 380 children at the Tree of Life.

Sharing Christ With the Kids' Community

Every one of Lindsay, Chris & Kevin's kids were either already believers or they accepted Christ the week of camp.  Each day they learned more about the Gospel and how to share it in preparation to share the Gospel with their community.  On Thursday the Ambassadors met their children in their communities.  It is always amazing how bold and eager they are to share Christ.  Many accepted Christ and some asked for them to pray over them to chase Satan away.  There is great darkness in Zambia and Satan is clever to our weaknesses.  Jesus is their hope.

Meeting the Kids

CampLIFE began at Tree of Life about noon with campers and American Ambassadors finally meeting.  Week 7 was the largest camp this summer with over 1,000 children.

On Tuesday, Chris' group of boys served lunch to Lindsay's girls and on Wednesday Lindsay's girls served Chris' boys.  This is a concept that has to be taught over and over as no one models serving others for these kiddos to learn from.

Monday Morning CampLIFE Begins

For the 1st week, Amanda and I kept the children home so everyone else could do camp and work.  We called it our own Dream Camp!!  One thing though, it started with Emma running a temperature.  Hate that!! Lilly got a new sandbox in the backyard that the kids loved and played in all week.

CampLIFE week begins bright and early on Monday with a tour of Lusaka and the outlying compounds that surround the city.  Taylor led the tour on Kevin, Lindsay and Chris' bus so that proved to be a lot of fun for all of them.  And they were able to visit other American Ambassadors that we had met previously on the plane.  They stopped at one of Family Legacy's Christian schools and were able to tour classrooms and interact with the students.  They all looked so nice in their uniforms.  Family Legacy is building Christian schools in each compound for our sponsored children to attend.  Teachers are being trained by American teachers that spend quite a bit of time there in the summer.  Scores are showing that our children are doing well in their schools.

First Days in Zambia

After being picked up at the airport at 6:30 a.m. on Saturday morning, we headed to Taylor and Amanda's where she had a breakfast casserole and muffins ready for us.  Amanda had all of our rooms set up so nicely and made us all feel so welcomed.  She is so good at that!  We were thrilled to be there but all struggling with being tired.  We rested a while and then pushed on through the day.

Sunday morning we all went to church at the Tree of Life and had our 1st reunion with our Blessing House family and Lezi, who had been in my CampLIFE group the last 2 years and had just recently moved into Hallelujah House at the Tree of Life.  It was a wonderful time of worship and fellowship.  Following church we had dinner on the patio of the Legacy Center for all of the Americans.  The center has been completed and it looked beautiful.

Following lunch and shopping on the grounds, Kevin, Chris and Lindsay met their partners for the week and learned some camp songs.  Each team had a chance to get to know each other better, talk about and pray for the upcoming week.