Monday, July 19, 2010

June Was Filled With Weddings

All spring we'd been planning for weddings of 2 friends' children. Valerie and Mark Bergstrom's son, Taylor and Peggy and Ron Gover's daughter, Megan got married one week apart, one in Dallas and one in Ft. Worth.

I was able to help Valerie prepare for their rehearsal dinner at Mattito's and we had a really good time doing that. Mattito's is a Mexican food restaurant and they have a seperate building for special events. It's a great place to have a party.

The Royals and us hosted a "Hola" party for the Govers the Thursday before their big wedding. We welcomed family and friends for a fiesta at Scott and Nancy's in Ft. Worth. We catered it from Blue Mesa and it was delicious and a great deal if you need catering.

The wedding was a fabulous event and every detail was perfect. The chapel at TCU was just beautiful and the reception was an updated train station that fit Megan's taste perfectly. We just had a wonderful time.

Time to Get Blogging

Well it's the second half of July and I'm just posting again. My niece just left to go back to Houston after an eight week stay with us and she basically told me I need to blog and often. I'm hoping that means I will at least have one person who will really care what I have to say or share!! So I'll catch you up with what's been going on, but I'll break it down into different subtitles. And Mallory, you already know about these things so you don't have to read them!