Sunday, March 13, 2011

LSU vs Texas A&M @ Cotton Bowl 2011

LSU Tigers vs Texas A&M at the 2011 Cotton Bowl at Cowboy Stadium and LSU wins 41-24.  Tanner showed off his favorite colors and his wrench, which he used as a microphone to yell  GEAUX TIGERS!  You know it!

Christmas 2010

Christmas this year was just a little different.  With a baby in the family and Amanda's family growing with new in-laws, we just had to change some things up and you know, it was great.  If I've learned anything in my old age, it is to be more flexible (with schedules that is!).  We had the Smiths from Longview for the whole weekend and they got snuggies.  How did we not get a picture of that!!  We started our Christmas day going to the Loucks to give Tanner his gift from us.  It was a Little Tykes Adventure playhouse and for the life of me I can't imagine why they didn't want to build it here and then take it over there!!!  We had coffee, juice and cinnamon rolls there and then headed home.  They then came to our house later in the morning for brunch and then Taylor and Amanda joined us at 3:00 to open gifts and have Christmas dinner.  We had such a fun time opening gifts, but after the 1st gift Kevin & I opened, we were spent.  Taylor and Amanda are going to have a baby and the gift was a blown up picture of the 1st sonogram.  How sweet it was all celebrating together.                                                                                                    

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Thanksgiving 2010

Thanksgiving was a wonderful of celebrating with family and friends.  The kids all were over, Mom & Dad, and Sandra & BJ.  We had the usual thanksgiving stuff and added a new tradition this year.  We used a new tablecloth that we each signed at the place we were sitting using a particular color pen for this year.  Next year we'll do the same thing with a different color.  It will be fun later on to see who all sat at our table over the years.  Another tradition that we have is turkey and sausage gumbo the day after Thanksgiving using any leftover turkey. 

I have to include in this post how very thankful and blessed I am for my precious family and dear friends like Sandra and BJ.

Tanner's 1st Birthday Party

Lindsay and Chris had Tanner's 1st birthday party in the backyard and it was a "Ball Party".  They did a great job finishing out the porch and decorating everything.  It was a real sweet time with our family and their friends.

Tanner celebrates his birthday at the Dallas Zoo

On Tanner's actual birthday Kevin & I joined the Loucks at the Dallas Zoo for his 1st birthday.  He got a new wagon so he was set to go.