Monday, September 17, 2012

Sharing Camp LIFE experiences with friends

We have had the opportunity to share about our Camp LIFE experiences with several friends and some are praying about going with us next year.  We will meet with our church friends on Friday evening and again hope that there will be folks interested in going.  Please pray that we represent Family Legacy and especially the great needs of the orphans well.

After going to Zambia for 2 years, I am so surprised by how much I feel connected to this ministry and that I have such a great desire to be back there.  This trip really grabbed my heart and I long to be with my girls from Camp LIFE and the kids at Blessing House.  I guess I'm sharing this because I never would have thought at this stage in my life I could become so drawn to a ministry.  I guess too it's an opportunity to encourage each of you to connect with a ministry that really touches your heart.  It can be something right in your neighborhood, your city or state or who knows, maybe across the world, just include it in your life.  You will not be sorry but truly blessed by the things you can do for others.  And as I discovered on my 1st trip to Zambia, it wasn't the trip there that was so powerful, but the journey to make that trip.  There was no way around it, God became huge in that journey.

I'm praying that you will find your ministry and a wonderful relationship with God on the way!

My last 2 girls are sponsored

Praise the Lord, my last 2 girls are sponsored.  Both of the girls were sponsored by families that had previously sponsored children but they "shifted", meaning they moved away from Family Legacy's service area. Juliet was so sad to not be going to school and as smart as she appeared, she really needed to be there.  Fridah was the little girl that Kevin & I were sponsoring and she somehow slipped through the cracks and appeared to have shifted.  Then she found me in the compound this summer when we were witnessing in the neighborhood.  What a blessing this is for those precious girls and us.  Please pray for them as they will not begin school until January and that may be confusing to them.

For those of you that are sponsoring children, this is a great time to write to them.  It is so easy to do and you need only share a few things.  The main goal is that they know someone cares for them and is praying for them.  You may refer to us as Auntie Lori for the girls and Uncle Kevin for the boys.  All of the kids are believers but could use encouragement and support in how to live out that life.  They learned about putting on the Armor of God this summer and all received a New Testament Bible.  Sending a prayer or scripture to them is most valuable.  And always remember to ask them about their prayer requests.  That's a great way to get them to write back and for you to check in on their situation.

Thanks to all of you that are sponsoring our kids.  They are so precious to us.  I am still in awe that I get to be an advocate for them and love them all the way from here to there.