Friday, July 1, 2011

Camp LIFE 2011 ended today

Camp LIFE ended today with hugs & tears, new school shoes &
t-shirts, bracelets, bandanas, sweets, and bookmarks. It was an amazing day and an amazing week!

Kevin had boys ages 14-16 years and all eleven boys accepted Christ! One actually did it following the deliverance of a demon in his body.
I had ten precious girls ages 6-9 years. Two accepted Christ and I am confident that seeds have been planted in the others.

Please be praying for them to be safe, to be protected from the evil that surrounds them and for them to not have nightmares, but good dreams.

We leave in the morning for Victoria Falls.
Thank you for your prayers, and again, for your support of the shoes.
We'll be sharing more when we get home!

Love y'all!