Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mallory and Tanner

Mallory spent much of her time here in Dallas teaching Tanner to be a Red Raider.  He wouldn't have anything to do with that!  So he said to me:

"What, is she nuts?  I'm not going to do that!"
"Maybe she's just a little nuts!!"
"But I sure love her!!"

Tanner finally gets to eat solids!

Tanner finally gets to eat solids and I think he likes it!  What do you think?  He only questioned green beans!

Happy 80th Birthday Dad!

We celebrated my dad's 80th birthday in Houston on July 3rd.  He is very patriotic so it was only fitting to have a patriotic theme on the 4th of July weekend.  Dad was totally surprised and a bit overwhelmed by the fact that most of our family was there.  It was such a sweet time! 

Happy Birthday Dad! July 1, 2010

Mallory, Hanna, Jo & I got the fun started
with balloons, cupcakes and clings!

Tanner celebrated with the best of them!

Mallory took our family pictures and did a great job!  Thanks Mal!

the Thompsons and their families
the Cruzens
the Smiths
the Allreds
Mike & Caryn, David & Laura
Dad & Mom

Monday, July 19, 2010

June Was Filled With Weddings

All spring we'd been planning for weddings of 2 friends' children. Valerie and Mark Bergstrom's son, Taylor and Peggy and Ron Gover's daughter, Megan got married one week apart, one in Dallas and one in Ft. Worth.

I was able to help Valerie prepare for their rehearsal dinner at Mattito's and we had a really good time doing that. Mattito's is a Mexican food restaurant and they have a seperate building for special events. It's a great place to have a party.

The Royals and us hosted a "Hola" party for the Govers the Thursday before their big wedding. We welcomed family and friends for a fiesta at Scott and Nancy's in Ft. Worth. We catered it from Blue Mesa and it was delicious and a great deal if you need catering.

The wedding was a fabulous event and every detail was perfect. The chapel at TCU was just beautiful and the reception was an updated train station that fit Megan's taste perfectly. We just had a wonderful time.

Time to Get Blogging

Well it's the second half of July and I'm just posting again. My niece just left to go back to Houston after an eight week stay with us and she basically told me I need to blog and often. I'm hoping that means I will at least have one person who will really care what I have to say or share!! So I'll catch you up with what's been going on, but I'll break it down into different subtitles. And Mallory, you already know about these things so you don't have to read them!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Memorial Day fun

We started the day with a special prayer time for Taylor and Amanda as they prepare to leave for Zambia on June 12th. All the kids stayed and we grilled, some swam and others just relaxed. Tanner loves the water and is so trusting of the adults in his life. Sometimes that's pretty funny!!!

Mallory comes to Dallas for her summer internship

Mallory is here for her summer internship at Numantra in Las Colinas. I think she and Tanner are becoming real buddies. Having cousins is so fun!

Tanner has a 1/2 birthday

Tanner had his 1/2 birthday and Grammy and Pops had to get him some big boy toys. He's really smart and had no trouble figuring everything out. If only he could sit up alone to play with them!! He's close! Sam also let Tanner play on him since it was his birthday after all.

Mother's Day

We celebrated at our house and the kids did all the cooking!

the Smiths in Spring

We celebrated Easter with the kids and as usual it was very special!

Monday, March 22, 2010

It snowed in Dallas on March 21st

On the evening of March 20th we saw snow flurries begin to fall. By the next morning, we had had a full blown snow fall. It was beautiful and exciting, but in the second half of March! So remind me what global warming is?

Lindsay had a birthday

We celebrated Lindsay's birthday with dinner, cake and lots of fun birthday presents. She is especially excited about the gift Taylor & Amanda gave her; a Smith workday where she can choose projects to get done and they will help her accomplish them. We had a great time!

Tanner gets a bath at Grammy's

Tanner had his first bath at Grammy's. My kitchen sink is big enough to do this for many months. Too bad he doesn't enjoy them!