Thursday, August 8, 2013

Monday Morning CampLIFE Begins

For the 1st week, Amanda and I kept the children home so everyone else could do camp and work.  We called it our own Dream Camp!!  One thing though, it started with Emma running a temperature.  Hate that!! Lilly got a new sandbox in the backyard that the kids loved and played in all week.

CampLIFE week begins bright and early on Monday with a tour of Lusaka and the outlying compounds that surround the city.  Taylor led the tour on Kevin, Lindsay and Chris' bus so that proved to be a lot of fun for all of them.  And they were able to visit other American Ambassadors that we had met previously on the plane.  They stopped at one of Family Legacy's Christian schools and were able to tour classrooms and interact with the students.  They all looked so nice in their uniforms.  Family Legacy is building Christian schools in each compound for our sponsored children to attend.  Teachers are being trained by American teachers that spend quite a bit of time there in the summer.  Scores are showing that our children are doing well in their schools.

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