Monday, July 15, 2013

It's Zambia Time!!

So it's time to head to Zambia and this year we're taking Lindsay, Chris, Tanner and Emma.  YIKES!!  J/K ! We are really looking forward to this incredible family opportunity.  We will head out on Thursday afternoon and will return on August 4th.  I know I only write during this trip time, but there's not really that much going on during the other times.  This also seems to be my best way of delivering information since I don't really know how to use Facebook and this seems a little less like I'm telling everybody all my business!! And besides, most of you know what's been going on in our lives and with our family.

Amanda, Taylor and Lilly seem anxious for us to get there.  They have really settled in to their home and with their life in Zambia.  They have a home church where Taylor leads worship every other week, Amanda has a playgroup once a week, she meets for coffee with friends once a week, and she has a little business selling cookie dough and wonderful cookies (a real treat there).  Lilly communicates so well with us on Face Time and on a regular basis.  I'll try to share a little video below just sent to us by a friend who has been in Zambia the past week.  In fact, this friend is the very person who introduced Taylor to Family Legacy in the 1st place.  It's all Jan's fault that they live so far away!!!

Since last summer, one of my precious CampLIFE girls, Lezi, was rescued from her abusive situation and just last week moved into her new home, Hallelujah House, at the Tree of Life Children's Village.  I will get to see her and celebrate with her next Sunday at church.  I can hardly wait.  Our kids at Blessing House are growing like weeds.  Amanda, Lilly and Taylor celebrated the 1st birthday of Blessing House last Saturday, July 6th with the kids.  Amanda brought out a cookie cake and lemonade and it was a 1st for most of them.  Lilly has become very comfortable with the kids too and always has a great time with them.  We will be in church with them on Sunday also.  I'm just giddy to see them all.

Lindsay and the kids have been shopping for kids in Zambia.  She put out a call to her mom groups to see if anyone would like to be a part of showing Christ's love to the children of Zambia.  It was amazing to see the donations of clothes and money come in.  We were pretty cleaver too with the shopping!  We hit Once Upon a Child, a used clothing and toy shop, on a 70% off of clearance items day.  Then 2 days later we hit another location and all clearance was only $1 per item.  It was crazy fun and exciting!!  We got jeans, tops, dresses, shorts for the boys, you name it we got it!

I guess I better get to bed.  I'm picking up Tanner and Emma for a morning play date so Lindsay can have a couple of hours to get her things ready for the trip.  Be praying for us as we pack our 16 bags of necessities and not so much necessities!!  Also pray for our health, safe travels, the little ones as we travel and patience from travelers around us as we begin this journey on Thursday afternoon.

Love to all of you!

Video not working!!  I'll work on that another day!