Thursday, June 10, 2010

Memorial Day fun

We started the day with a special prayer time for Taylor and Amanda as they prepare to leave for Zambia on June 12th. All the kids stayed and we grilled, some swam and others just relaxed. Tanner loves the water and is so trusting of the adults in his life. Sometimes that's pretty funny!!!

Mallory comes to Dallas for her summer internship

Mallory is here for her summer internship at Numantra in Las Colinas. I think she and Tanner are becoming real buddies. Having cousins is so fun!

Tanner has a 1/2 birthday

Tanner had his 1/2 birthday and Grammy and Pops had to get him some big boy toys. He's really smart and had no trouble figuring everything out. If only he could sit up alone to play with them!! He's close! Sam also let Tanner play on him since it was his birthday after all.

Mother's Day

We celebrated at our house and the kids did all the cooking!

the Smiths in Spring

We celebrated Easter with the kids and as usual it was very special!