Thursday, August 8, 2013

Tree of Life Tour

Each week the American Ambassadors are given a tour of the Tree of Life.  This is where the children that were once living in the worst of circumstances are brought to live.  When one does CampLIFE, they become an advocate for the children in their group.  Through "Blessing Time" with each child, an Ambassador learns about a child's life.  If they feel the child is in serious need of assistance, they will turn that information into the proper authorities.  Those are the children that now living at the Tree of Life.  But for the other children, all are in great need of assistance so the Ambassador comes home and attempts to have those children sponsored.  It is important for the Ambassadors to understand the process and see the amazing recovery these children make by living at the Tree of Life.  They attend school and church at the Tree of Life also.  It is their new community.

We had the privilege of having Taylor lead this tour.  He was really good at it!!  Also each time their is a tour, the children there sing for us and them they take the Ambassadors to their homes to show us around. There are now approximately 380 children at the Tree of Life.

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