Friday, August 9, 2013

AmCom - Taylor & Amanda's Compound

Taylor, Amanda & Lilly live in what is known by Family Legacy as AmCom (American Compound) I think! They have done so many fun things to their home that we jokingly say it's their own "Americana".  They've added a concrete sandbox and white Pickett fence. Perfect for Miss Lilly to be able to play outside.  The kids had a ball once the sand was delivered and the gate was secure keeping the neighborhood lab, Dallas, out of the yard.  They also have a neighborhood garden that they hope to start seeing some vegetables. There are 5 homes - The Hughey family (4 kids), the girls' house, the guys' house, the Roberts house (1 4yr. old) and then Taylor & Amanda's house.  In these pictures the kids are helping Oscar wash Amanda's car. Yes she has her own car and handles that whole thing quite well.

Taylor & Amanda's house
The front of their home
and their driveway

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