Thursday, August 4, 2011

Meet our Zambian Partners

Kevin and I each had 2 Zambian partners, one was our Evangelist and the other was an Apostle.  They both assisted in translating, teaching the Bible lessons and loving the children.  Our Evangelist specifically helped us when we had one on one time with our children.  During this time, we learn more about each child's home life and prayer needs. Many times they opened up about difficult situations and it gave us the opportunity to share Christ's love and hope.  It also provides information to Family Legacy if it's a severe situation and they need to step in on the child's behalf.  Both of our Evangelists are year round employees for Family Legacy and are both DLs (Discipleship Leaders) at a CRC (Community Resource Center) in the communities surrounding the city of Lusaka.  The CRCs serve as a safe haven for children in their area and many times, it's through the DLs work with the children that orphans or vulnerable children are saved.  They are the ones that determine which children in their area are most in need of attending one of the CampLIFE weeks. 

Please pray for Rachel, Gwen, Gilbert and Bryan as they ministered to the children of their community.  Pray for wisdom and discernment as they work with the children.  Also pray for strength and encouragement as they are surrounded by so much darkness and poverty.

Where our Zambian children live

Well we've been home from Zambia nearly a month now and we're anxiously awaiting the arrival of Taylor and Amanda's baby girl.  Coming home from Zambia has been a little difficult.  I wasn't really ready to talk much about my trip because I when I said something about it, I wanted it to really make an impact.  Well I'm not sure how much of an impact I'm making but talking about Zambia and Family Legacy's work there keeps those children and my experiences in my thoughts daily.  I'm worried about the children we worked with, if they are getting food daily or having nightmares.  Those are everyday occurances for them.  I'm anxious about where we should invest our money there so it benefits the most children.  Today I'll give you a glimpse of where and how the children we worked with live and and the schools they attend if they can afford it.

Specific prayer requests:
     That our children have food on a daily basis
     That our children are safe from the influences of witch doctors
     That our children don't have nightmares
     That our children are remembering the lessons of CampLIFE - that God wants them to seek first the kingdom of God